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Is hiring CTO

We believe that inspiring projects produce inspired careers. Therefore, Enquist is forming a team for an innovative E-Commerce solutions that is more affordable and accessible. Our goal is to help small and medium businesses navigate B2B E-Commerce landscape and provide them with experience that is easy to manage, and low cost to maintain.

About the position

As a CTO, you will be responsible for developing, selling, and recruiting candidates for our team while helping integrate advanced Rails solutions between Rails API and Magento.

You will organize, implement and develop tools and modules to improve the workflow and quality of Enquist's solutions. The development is based on a Rails stack (Docker, Prettier, Rubocop, Nginx) and Magento (Vagrant, PhpStorm). Quality is assured by static code analyzers, automated testing, and continuous integration servers, while a hybrid of Kubernetes and Capistrano does deployment.

We rely on Magento's and Rails' comprehensive feature set, allowing us to develop cutting-edge enterprise technologies solutions.

Who are you?

  • You are proficient in one or more back-end server languages (Ruby/PHP);
  • You have little experience in Java (ideally none);
  • Excellently understand REST and REST design best practices;
  • Proficiency in writing unit test; Understanding of CI/CD;
  • Decent knowledge of design patterns and SOLID principles;
  • Experience in working with containers;
  • You have a knack for writing clean, readable code;
  • You know who's Djikstra, have respect for Uncle Bob and have read pretty much everything from Martin Fowler;
  • You know the importance of constructive criticism and enjoy discussing different points of view;
  • You acknowledge and live mantra that jack of all trades is a master of none;
  • You are in constant pursuit of professional development.

A plus, not a must

  • Understanding of various architectural patterns (Monolith, SOA, Microservices);
  • Experience in working with cloud providers (AWS, DO);
  • Experience with recruiting and forming software development teams;
  • Experience with issue tracking systems;
  • Team leading experience;

What do we offer?

  • Working on cutting edge project with a close team of professionals;
  • Fantastic co-working space in Zurich;
  • In-person mind-melting with a tight team of dedicated professionals;
  • Respect for your private time;
  • Paid visits to exclusive locations to meet your team members and product owner;
  • Opportunity to develop your skills and leave a mark by working with the latest technologies;
  • Paid overtime (when you wish to achieve more);
  • Help in achieving your goals by continuous professional development and support:

How to Apply

Send us an email to jobs@enquist.ch, tell us a bit or a lot about yourself, and make sure you include your portfolio and links to work you've previously done or a link to your GitHub if you have decent activity.

We reply to all the applicants, and you should hear from us within 5-7 days maximum.

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